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Van Morrison – Contract Breaking Sessions


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Van Morrison – Contract Breaking Sessions


1 Twist And Shake

2 Shake And Roll

3 Stomp And Scream

4 Scream And Holler

5 Jump And Thump

6 Drivin’ Wheel

7 Just Ball

8 Shake It Mabel

9 Hold On George

10 The Big Royalty Check

11 Ring Worm

12 Savoy Hollywood

13 Freaky If You Got This Far

14 Up Your Mind

15 Thirty Two

16 All The Bits

17 You Say France And I Whistle

18 Blow In Your Nose

19 Nose In Your Blow

20 La Mambo

21 Go For Yourself

22 Want A Danish

23 Here Comes Dumb George

24 Chickie Coo

25 Do It

26 Hang On Groovy

27 Goodbye George

28 Dumb Dumb George

29 Walk And Talk

30 The Wobble

31 Wobble And Ball


Vocals – Van Morrison


You know how Judy Garland got her own “Celebrities” volume?

This single disc is entirely cussing-filled tirades of Van Morrison in the studio. He hated his label, Bang Records, but owed them one more release, so the session consists ENTIRELY of songs with lyrics like “I hate Bang Records/they’re assholes/they ripped me off/wo wo/ etc. etc.” Definitely worth being its own release, as Judy was.