Rolling Stones – A Bigger Bang Europe 2007 ( 14 CDs – 1 DVD SET – 24 Pages Booklet )



Rolling Stones – A Bigger Bang Europe 2007 ( 14 CDs – 1 DVD SET – 24 Pages Booklet )

TracklistShow Credits

Werchter – June 5 2007

CD1-1 Intro

CD1-2 Start Me Up

CD1-3 Shattered

CD1-4 Rough Justice

CD1-5 Rocks Off

CD1-6 Heartbreaker

CD1-7 Some Girls

CD1-8 Waiting On A Friend

CD1-9 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

CD1-10 Tumbling Dice

CD1-11 I’ll Go Crazy

CD1-12 Band Intro

CD1-13 Wanna Hold You

CD1-14 Slipping Away

CD1-15 It’s Only Rock And Roll

CD2-1 It’s All Over Now

CD2-2 Satisfaction

CD2-3 Honky Tonk Women

CD2-4 Paint It Black

CD2-5 Jumping Jack Flash

CD2-6 Brown Sugar

CD2-7 Sympathy For The Devil

Isle Of Wight – June 10 2007

CD2-8 Love In Vain

CD2-9 Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

Frankfurt – June 13 2007

CD2-10 Bitch

CD2-11 Monkey Man

CD2-12 Before They Make Me Run

CD2-13 Respectable

CD2-14 Get Off Of My Cloud

Nijmegen – June 8 2007

CD3-1 Intro

CD3-2 Start Me Up

CD3-3 You Got Me Rocking

CD3-4 Rough Justice

CD3-5 All Down The Line

CD3-6 She Was Hot

CD3-7 Sweet Virginia

CD3-8 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

CD3-9 I’ll Go Crazy

CD3-10 Tumbling Dice

CD3-11 Band Intro

CD3-12 Wanna Hold You

CD3-13 Happy

CD4-1 It’s Only Rock And Roll

CD4-2 It’s All Over Now

CD4-3 Satisfaction

CD4-4 Honky Tonk Woman

CD4-5 Sympathy For The Devil

CD4-6 Paint It Black

CD4-7 Brown Sugar

CD4-8 Jumping Jack Flash

Barcelona – 21 June 2007

CD4-9 Streets Of Love

Madrid – June 28 2007

CD4-10 Sway

CD4-11 Night Time Is The Right Time

St. Petersburg – July 28 2007

CD4-12 Little T&A

Paris – June 16 2007

CD5-1 Intro

CD5-2 Start Me Up

CD5-3 Let’s Spend The Night Together

CD5-4 Rough Justice

CD5-5 All Down The Line

CD5-6 She Was Hot

CD5-7 Waiting On A Friend

CD5-8 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

CD5-9 I’ll Go Crazy

CD5-10 Tumbling Dice

CD5-11 Band Intro

CD5-12 Happy

CD5-13 Wanna Hold You

CD6-1 It’s Only Rock And Roll

CD6-2 It’s All Over Now

CD6-3 You Got Me Rocking

CD6-4 Honky Tonk Woman

CD6-5 Sympathy For The Devil

CD6-6 Satisfaction

CD6-7 Brown Sugar

CD6-8 Jumping Jack Flash

London – August 21 2007

CD6-9 Beast Of Burden

CD6-10 She’s So Cold

CD6-11 Shine A Light

Lisboa – June 25 2007

CD6-12 No Expectation

Budapest – July 20 2007

CD7-1 Intro

CD7-2 Start Me Up

CD7-3 You Got Me Rocking

CD7-4 Rough Justice

CD7-5 Ruby Tuesday

CD7-6 You Can’t Always Get What You Want

CD7-7 Midnight Rambler

CD7-8 I’ll Go Crazy

CD7-9 Tumbling Dice

CD7-10 Band Intro

CD7-11 You Got The Silver

CD7-12 Wanna Hold You

CD8-1 Miss You

CD8-2 It’s Only Rock And Roll

CD8-3 Satisfaction

CD8-4 Honky Tonk Woman

CD8-5 Sympathy For The Devil

CD8-6 Paint It Black

CD8-7 Jumping Jack Flash

CD8-8 Brown Sugar

Isle Of Wight – June 10 2007 (Soundboard)

CD8-9 Start Me Up

CD8-10 Sympathy For The Devil

Werchter – June 5 2007 (Soundboard)

CD8-11 It’s All Over Now

Brno – July 22 2007

CD9-1 Intro

CD9-2 Start Me Up

CD9-3 Let’s Spend The Night Together

CD9-4 Oh No, Not You Again

CD9-5 All Down The Line

CD9-6 Love Is Strong

CD9-7 You Can’t Always Get What You Want

CD9-8 Midnight Rambler

CD9-9 I’ll Go Crazy

CD9-10 Tumbling Dice

CD9-11 Band Intro

CD9-12 You Got The Silver

CD9-13 Wanna Hold You

CD10-1 Miss You

CD10-2 It’s Only Rock And Roll

CD10-3 Satisfaction

CD10-4 Honky Tonk Women

CD10-5 Sympathy For The Devil

CD10-6 Paint It Black

CD10-7 Jumping Jack Flash

CD10-8 Brown Sugar

Werchter – June 5 2007 (Soundboard)

CD10-9 I’ll Go Crazy

Brno – July 22 2007 (Soundbord)

CD10-10 Love Is Strong

London – August 26 2007 (Soundboard)

CD10-11 She Was Hot

Dusseldorf – August 13 2007

CD11-1 Intro

CD11-2 Start Me Up

CD11-3 You Got Me Rocking

CD11-4 Rough Justice

CD11-5 All Down The Line

CD11-6 Let It Bleed

CD11-7 You Can’t Always Get What You Want

CD11-8 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

CD11-9 I’ll Go Crazy

CD11-10 Tumbling Dice

CD11-11 Band Intro

CD11-12 You Got The Silver

CD11-13 Wanna Hold You

CD12-1 Miss You

CD12-2 It’s Only Rock And Roll

CD12-3 Satisfaction

CD12-4 Honky Tonk Women

CD12-5 Sympathy For The Devil

CD12-6 Paint It Black

CD12-7 Jumping Jack Flash

CD12-8 Brown Sugar

Slane Castle – August 18 2007

CD13-1 Introduction

CD13-2 Start Me Up

CD13-3 You Got Me Rocking

CD13-4 Rough Justice

CD13-5 All Down The Line

CD13-6 Dead Flowers

CD13-7 You Can’t Always Get What You Want

CD13-8 Midnight Rambler

CD13-9 I’ll Go Crazy

CD13-10 Tumbling Dice

CD13-11 Band Intro

CD13-12 You Got The Silver

CD13-13 Wanna Hold You

CD14-1 Miss You

CD14-2 It’s Only Rock And Roll

CD14-3 Satisfaction

CD14-4 Honky Tonk Woman

CD14-5 Sympathy For The Devil

CD14-6 Paint It Black

CD14-7 Jumping Jack Flash

CD14-8 Brown Sugar

O2 Arena, London, UK – August 26 2007

DVD-1 The Last Show ( Clip)

DVD-2 The Waiting (Pre-Show Footage, Pilot Inn & O2)

DVD-3 Start Me Up

DVD-4 You Got Me Rocking

DVD-5 Rough Justice

DVD-6 Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

DVD-7 She Was Hot

DVD-8 You Can’t Always Get What You Want

DVD-9 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

DVD-10 I’ll Go Crazy

DVD-11 Tumbling Dice

DVD-12 Introductions

DVD-13 You Got The Silver

DVD-14 I Wanna Hold You

DVD-15 Miss You

DVD-16 It’s Ony Rock’n’Roll

DVD-17 Satisfaction

DVD-18 Honky Tonk Women

DVD-19 Sympathy For The Devil

DVD-20 Paint It Black

DVD-21 Jumping Jack Flash

DVD-22 Brown Sugar

DVD-23 The Pro Shot (‘She Was Hot’ From

DVD-24 The Simpsons (Footage Outside: End Of The Tour-Party)

DVD-25 The Slideshow (With Soundtrack From Gothenburg 2007)