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Bob Dylan – Live With The Band , Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield



Bob Dylan – Live With The Band , Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield


1 Medicine Sunday (Midnight Train) [cut] 0:58

2 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window [cut] 0:53

3 I Wanna Be Your Lover 3:33

4 Number One 4:03

5 Visions Of Johanna 7:40

6 She’s Your Lover Now 6:35

7 Jet Pilot 1:30

8 If You Gotta Go, Go Now 3:00

9 One Too Many Mornings 3:05

10 Like A Rolling Stone 7:10

11 Girl From The North Country 4:12

12 Ballad Of Hollis Brown 6:29

13 Chimes Of Freedom 7:40

14 Only A Pawn In Their Game 5:50


Track 1-8 are live rehearsals for the 1965 US-Tour with Al Kooper on piano and Mike Bloomfield on guitar.

Tracks 9-10

ABC Theater, Edinburgh, Scotland May 5th, 1966

Tracks 11-14:

Town Hall, Philadelphia, PA, 24th November1964 Review:

This is an odd piece. It was released in 1988 by Italy’s Document Records on both CD and LP. In the boot world, that fact alone sets it among only a handful of releases. There are more infamous reasons, however, that might make one reconsider this purchase. To start with, the title is misleading. Kooper & Bloomfield do not appear on the recordings, and there are only two live recordings with The Band (Edinburgh). However, they weren’t know as The Band at this time, and the songs are played by Jones instead of Helm on the drums; so even that is inaccurate. Of course, all of the venue information on the back and insert is wrong as well. (The Edinburgh show is wrongly dated as May 05, 1966… etc.) The package aesthetics are weak, but there are two fairly nice black and white photos. The first 8 tracks are studio outtakes with the musicians that were formerly known as the Hawks, and would later be called The Band. Very good quality. Unfortunately, the sound quality nose dives from there. The Town Hall material is hard to listen to. The strange, random combination of material makes for a less than satisfying listen as well. The final insult, however, is the little know fact that the entire project was actually recorded directly from two vinyl LP boots. The entire 1985 ‘He’s Your Lover Now’ supplied the first ten tracks. The sad sounding Philadelphia show came from side four of 1985’s ‘All Hallow’s Eve & More’. These four tracks are exclusive to the CD, and were not included on the LP.