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Bob Dylan – Dignity ( 18 Ultrarare )


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Bob Dylan – Dignity ( 18 Ultrarare )

1. A COUPLE MORE YEARS This poignant cut was recorded in 1986 for the soundtrack of 1987’s Hearts Of Fire film. Despite the fact that it’s obviously superior to the other songs in the film it was not used on Columbia’s sountrack album. 2. DIGNITY Even the outtakes from 1989’s Oh Mercy are brilliant. This is one of the best. 3. ABANDONED LOVE Far superior to the studio performance issued on Biograph, this was recorded from the audience at Bob’s guest appearance at the Other End Club (NYC) On July 3. 1975. 4. COMING FROM THE HEART This fragmentary rehearsal comes from the April 1978 Rundown Studios rehearsals for the American leg of Bob’s tour. 5. CITY OF GOLD Dylan’s concerts have never,to date, recaptured the sustained intensity of his performances during the gospel tours of 1979 and 1980. Little more testimony to that can be found than this superb unreleased composition, captured during a November 15. 1980 performance at the San Francisco’s Fox Warfield Theater. 6. WATERED DOWN LOVE An edited version of this performance (42 seconds shorter) was used for 1981’s underrated Shot Of Love LP. 7. I’LL KEEP IT WITH MINE Recorded January 13. 1965, this is the instrumental backing track from the „Fairport Convention” arrangement of this pleasant Dylan composition. Taken from a Columbia Records acetate. 8. THIEF ON THE CROSS From Bob’s appearance in New Orleans, November 10. 1981. This is the only known perfor-mance of this song. This gig was notable for Bob’s uniformly excellent vocal performances and the use of two drummers. 9. ROLLIN’ IN MY SWEET BABY’S ARMS From the April 1987 rehearsals for the Dylan and the Dead tour. It would have been better if Columbia (and Bob) had released this stuff, rather than the uninspired Dylan and the Dead CD. Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia are also featured here. 10. DIRTY WORLD The original demo for a song included on 1988’s Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 LP. This performance is notable for (and improved by) the absence of Jeff Lynne. 11. YOU AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE This is take 1 from the banjo sessions with Happy Traum recorded in October 1971. Take 2 was used for the Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol. 11 collection. 12. THANK GOD This upbeat number was recorded for television’s Chabod Telethon which saw a limited broadcast on September 14. 1986. 13. LONESOME WHISTLE BLUES Another acetate, this time from the Freewheelin” sessions of 1962. Although this per-formance has been issued before (most notably on Ten Of Swords), this CD marks the first time it’s been available in stereo. 14. AIN’T GONNA GO TO HELL FOR ANYBODY Another excellent unreleased composition from the born again period (in this case, taken from an April, 1980 concert in Toronto). 15. TROUBLE IN MIND From the sessions for 1979’s Slow Train Coming LP. 16. GOT LOVE IF YOU WANT IT This Slim Harpo cover comes from the Down In The Groove sessions from April/May 1987. Sad to say, it’s better than many of the Dylan originals that appeared on that LP. 17. THE SPIRIT OF ROCK AND ROLL From Brian Wilson’s unreleased Sweet Insanity Album. This track features Bob on guest vocals. You’ll know him when you hear him. 18. MAMA, YOU’RE JUST ON MY MIND Just in case any of you cynics out there are thinking the old boy has had it, here’s one of the acoustic numbers from Bob’s performances in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., November 1. 1992.