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Abba – We Owed You One ( Mistral )


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Abba – We Owed You One ( Mistral )


1 Cassandra (TV Version) 4:47

2 Rock And Roll Band (Early Version) 3:11

3 I’m Still Alive (Live) 2:06

4 Every Good Man 2:05

5 I’ve Been Waiting For You 2:17

6 Opus 10 3:31

7 Just Like That 5:03

8 Slipping Through My Fingers 4:19

9 Under My Sun (1st Version) 1:35

10 Under My Sun (2nd Version) 3:11

11 Voulez-Vous (Extended Mix) 6:08

12 Does Your Mother Know 4:08

13 Love Has It’s Way 2:42

14 Summer Night City 5:38


stereo / mono

Limited Edition

Made In Germany (on The CD).

1. Live version November 1982 on German TV.

2. Version released in Japan, different intro

3. The only known recording of this song, written and performed by Agnetha, was captured in Paris, France

4. This track was recorded in 1982 with lead vocals by Agnetha. Never released, it ultimately became Heaven Help My Heart in CHESS.

5. Recorded in Australia in 1977. As it was lifted directly from ABBA-THE MOVIE, only the last part of the song is on this cd

6. This instrumental was supposed to be the title track for the unreleased Opus 10 album. Instead, it was later used for Anthem in CHESS.

7. Unreleased track from 1982. This is different from the saxophone version found on LITTLE WHITE SECRETS.

8. Dick Cavett Meets ABBA TV special in 1981, is commercially available on the box set THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC.

9. Another unreleased song here in two versions: the first, shorter version comes with studio chatter and laughter while the second is complete. Lead Vocals by Frida

10. This extended (not remixed) version of the album cut

11. This live cut from the 1979 ABBA in Switzerland TV special

12. This single from the pre-ABBA era was released in Japan only.

13. This cut was supposed to close side A of the live album – THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC