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Abba – Made in Sweden ( Mistral )


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Abba – Made in Sweden ( Mistral )


1 –ABBA Greeting From Sweden (Interview)

2 –ABBA When I Kissed The Teacher (Live)

3 –Benny Andersson Being A Hepstar (Interview)

4 –ABBA Hovas Vittne (Promo Song Only)

5 –Björn Ulvaeus Working Together (Interview)

6 –ABBA Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Live, Unedited Long Version)

7 –ABBA Souper Trouper

8 –Frida The Start Of Abba (Interview)

9 –ABBA Slipping Through My Fingers (Instrumental Version)

10 –Björn Ulvaeus Eurovision Song Contest (Interview)

11 –ABBA Under Attack (Live Saarbrücken TV-Show)

12 –Björn Ulvaeus The Influences (Interview)

13 –ABBA Dreamworld (Previously Unreleased)

14 –Frida Frida’s Dreamworld (Interview)

15 –ABBA I Have A Dream (Live In Japan)

16 –Agnetha Fältskog Agnetha’s Early Years (Interview)

17 –ABBA On Top Of Old Smokey (Full Version)

18 –Benny Andersson Abba On Tour (Interview)

19 –ABBA The Day Before You Came (Live Saarbrücken TV-Show)

20 –Björn Ulvaeus Divorce (Interview)

21 –ABBA When All Is Said And Done (Instrumental Version)

22 –Björn Ulvaeus The Magic Of A Song (Interview)

23 –ABBA Tiveds Hambo (Live Abba’s Last Performance)

24 –Stig Anderson The End (Interview)

25 –U2 With Björn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson Dancing Queen (Live)